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Ray Martin


To enter Ray's part of the site, you need to choose a letter amongst the MUTUS / NOMEN / DEDIT / KOKIS dedalus

The different series of images in Ray's part of the site have different playful ways of working, for example, should you choose to see the "ateroids", clicking on each asteroid will open new frames in which the asteroids will fill up your screen.


The same effect is in action on the Venuses series and on the Frags as well.







The detritus series works with a random script and will show you whatever image from this series. Of course should you want to ensure that you see them all, you can always resort to the file cabinet by clicking on the file icon.


The Profile series will open a new frame in which you get to browse through the book by clicking on its images



Do remember that at any part of your visit in Ray's part of the site, you can always come back to the entry of his part of the site by clicking on the portraiture in the left frame of your screen.

Also you can access all the files that compose Ray's part of the site, by clicking on the file icon.

Clicking on the ampersand will lead you back to the home page where you can click either on Karen's "portrait" and visit Karen's part of the site or the ampersand symbol again which lead you to a visit of both Karen and Ray's sites.



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